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 To all residents of Randpark Ridge Village Association and to all new families that have moved into the area, these pages are to help you settle and to give you an idea of good neighbourliness, and to tell you what the Village association is all about.

On this page we would hopefully give you useful information and tips on security and other resources

We invite you all to come to committee meetings (by prior arrangement) and to join us in other events that we organize.  We would be really happy if you would all get involved with the running of the area and the maintenance, and upkeep of the environs.  If you have a particular skill that you feel may come in handy or are involved in an industry that may be required in the area, then we would like to hear from you.

Please feel free to contact any of the committee members at any (reasonable) time should you need clarification on anything pertaining to the association.

Lets all contribute toward making this the best suburb in Gauteng.

Randpark Ridge Village Association

The RRVA was established to promote the welfare of the residents and the RRVA suburbs (Randpark Ridge ext. 1,3,16,41 & 45), and to assist in the planning of security strategies to help prevent crime.  The RRVA currently contracts Community Support Services (CSS) to patrol the area.  We pay for a vehicle to patrol the area 24 hours per day seven days a week; the vehicle is staffed with an armed response officer.  Community Support Services is contracted to patrol the area, and not to sit under the trees and wait for an incident!  If you are a member you will be given the dedicated phone number for the patrol vehicle and the Community Support Services control room. The numbers can be used in case of emergencies, or if you feel unsafe, or if you would like an escort to your door.

RRVA also maintains contact with the Honeydew SAPS and the local CPF on security matters.

RRVA is striving to ensure that all who live in the village will contribute to the association, and help us to maintain YOUR Village.  We would like everybody to sign up with RRVA and consider utilizing our recommended security service provider, Community Support Services, and enjoy our special rates, so that we can more effectively patrol your Village.

All of the above requires ongoing expenses and maintainance which come out of RRVA members’ contributions.  The majority of RRVA funds are derived from membership, so please fill in the >attached form< and join the RRVA!

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Cost Structure

Membership to the RRVA is currently R300.00 per month. If you want to make use of the armed response facility then an additional R228.00 is paid to Community Support Services, and they will install a radio link to your alarm.  You can send an email to membership@rrva.net.

Products & Services

Full RRVA membership at R300.00 per month (PBO – Tax deductable) gives you…

  • Armed Response –  in the form of a Dedicated 24/7 Cell phone contact number to access the Community Support Services
  • Additional tactical back-up response teams – Community Support Services Vehicles
  • Paramedic Medical Response – ER24 – Corporate member
  • Crime & Incident Scene Management
  • Pro-active Patrols – Crime Control & Visibility
  • Investigation & Profiling of Crime in your Area
  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Area Utility Management (Monitoring)
  • Monitoring & Control of Vagrants
  • Reporting & Statistics
  • E-mail/WhatsApp Security Tips & Warnings to the community
  • Crime/Incident facilitation guide
  • Maintenance of our Parks and environment (done by RRVA staff)
  • Static security (all RRVA fences)
  • If you would like a tax certificate for your contributions please email finance@rrva.net

Banking Details

Account Holder: RRVA
Account Type: Current
Bank: Nedbank
Branch: Randridge
Branch Code: 151 405
Account Number: 1069998419

(debit order is preferred method of payment)

Good Neighbours

Do unto others as you would have done unto you.

This would be a good motto to live by, other than this try to abide by the following:

►Try to use power tools only in the following hours

Monday to Saturday 7h00-19h00
Sunday 09h00-12h00

►Try not to allow your music and instruments to be an irritation to your neighbours
►If you are having a party please inform your neighbours in advance, and try to give start and finish times.
Remember that the use of fire works is illegal in residential suburbs! 


Dogs that bark incessantly are a cause of great stress and irritation, and an infringement of local noise regulation by-laws.
►Pets should be on a leash when walked in public areas or parks.
Please pick up your dogs excrement!
►Securely ID your pets in case they get lost or wander.

Keeping Our Streets Safe

We are fortunate that in the area we have cycle paths and areas where children can play, but in other areas there are no pavements for the children to play on so:

►Please obey the speed limits. The speed limit is 60 km/h

Slow down when approaching children or animals.
Stop at all stop streets.
Drive considerately and obey the traffic regulations!

Refuse Removals

►Dustbins are serviced every Thursday.
►Mondi paper collection is every Wednesday. Leave your paper on the pavement in the Mondi bags.