Financial Statements 2016 02 29


Presented herewith are the RRVA Financial Statements for year-end 20160229 as proposed, verified, and accepted by the RRVA Directors, Committee and Members present at the RRVA Annual General Meeting 20161124. Some notes have been added by hand to clarify certain expenditures but the Auditor’s  statement content remains unchanged. Please note when reading the report that during the period since issue (20161121) Retained Income may have changed significantly subject to ongoing operations and expenditures. Please also note that Retained Income includes (and is almost totally allocated to) capital budgeted by Member’s Mandate at this and previous Annual General Meetings for specific projects which have been delayed due to circumstances beyond RRVA’s control; i.e. the Security Surveillance Project (cameras/beams) and the Suburb Paving Project have both been delayed due to major infrastructure upgrades by City Power (street-lights), Joburg Water (pipelines and meters),  Telkom (fibre) and Vumatel (fibre), to name but a few. As these upgrades are complete and our suburbs are restored to normality, then the approved RRVA projects will be engaged. The Committee would like to express deepest thanks to all RRVA Members and Contributors for your support in helping make Randpark Ridge Exts 1, 3, 16, 41 and 45 a ‘Better, safer place to live’ and we hope you remain ‘Proud to Belong’. On behalf of the RRVA Directors and Committee, Phil Culham, Chairman RRVA.