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RRVA was established to represent the interests of the residents of the village.

One of our main focuses is that of assisting in crime prevention, and liaising with the SAPS and residents.
We have thus far had many initiatives in crime prevention. One of the most successful was the RRVA together with the Welridge area had a police vehicle to patrol the suburb.  RRVA now has an initiative that is reaping rewards.  Read about this in the security column.

We are assisting in looking after the park areas and helping to maintain these.  We would like parks that the residents can use.  We have some really beautiful spaces in the park area, lovely enough to picnic in.

What are the benefits of being an RRVA member?

RRVA is the residents association that was established in 1997, to represent the interests of the residents of the Village (Randpark Ridge ext 1, 3, 16, 41 & 45).

As an RRVA member you have access to these benefits:

Security – Armed Proactive Patrols

RRVA contracts Community Support Services (CSS), staffed with an armed response officer, to patrol our suburb 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week, to be proactive in the area and help prevent crime. As an RRVA member you have direct access to the dedicated cell phone number for this vehicle in the case of an emergency, if you feel unsafe, or if you would like an escort to your door. Please contact the RRVA for this dedicated cell phone number. Please note that there is a call out fee, if used by a non-member.

Tactical back-up response

Another benefit of being a member of the RRVA is 24 hour access to tactical back-up response teams from Community Support Services (CSS).

Paramedic Medical Response

Paramedic Medical Response from ER24 (Corporate member) in a medical emergency.

Security Solutions – Reduced rate for Armed response and Alarm monitoring

For RRVA members, the RRVA has negotiated a reduced rate for alarm monitoring and armed response from the service provider Community Support Services (CSS)… this means that you can support your community, and have armed response, for less than most response companies.

More information about our service provider can be found at:

Community Support Services: www.support-services.co.za or 011 791 7917 which is operated by Greg Pearce who works with the RRVA, SAPS and relevant security providers in the area.


One of our main focuses, is that of assisting in crime prevention and liaising with the SAPS and residents.

We have thus far had many initiatives in crime prevention.


Members of the RRVA committee liaise with the council to repair roads and street lights, paint street markings and replace street signs.


We assist in maintaining the park areas and strive to keep the parks neat and tidy, so that the residents can use them. We have some really beautiful spaces in the park area, lovely enough to picnic in.

RRVA employs staff to clean the refuse from the park, cut the verges, patrol the parks and repair damaged fencing and undertake minor repairs and maintenance.


We have initiated WhatsApp street groups for 85% (so far) of the streets on the suburb. Please email Claudia on membership@rrva.net for more information.

Summary of Products & Services for RRVA members:

The RRVA membership at R300.00 per month (PBO – Tax deductible) gives you…

·        Armed Response –  in the form of a Dedicated 24/7 Cell phone contact number to access the Community Support Services (CSS) patrol vehicle

·        Tactical back-up response teams – Community Support Services Vehicles

·        Paramedic Medical Response – ER24 – Corporate member

·        Access to discounted rates for alarm monitoring from Community Support Services (CSS)

·        Crime & Incident Scene Management

·        Pro-active Patrols – Crime Control & Visibility

·        Investigation & Profiling of Crime in your Area

·        Intelligence Gathering

·        Area Utility Management (Monitoring & Reporting)

·        Monitoring & Control of Vagrants

·        Reporting & Statistics

·        E-mail Security Tips & Warnings to the community

·        Crime/Incident facilitation guide

·        Maintenance of our Parks and environment (done by RRVA staff)

·        Static security (all RRVA fences)

·        Access to the WhatsApp groups

If you want to make use of the armed response and alarm monitoring facility from Community Support Services (CSS) then an additional fee of  R199.00 will be due, directly to Community Support Services (CSS) per month. The installation and a fee for the radio link will also be applicable. Please contact Community Support Services (CSS) for more information.

All of the above requires ongoing expenses and maintenance which comes out of the RRVA membership contributions. RRVA is striving to ensure that all who live in the village contribute to the association and help us to maintain YOUR Village. We would like everybody to sign up with RRVA and consider utilizing our recommended security service provider, Community Support Services (CSS) at our special rates, so that we can more effectively patrol your Village.

Please fill in a membership form and email your completed form to membership@rrva.net to join the RRVA!

Download a Membership form here

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RRVA subscriptions are tax deductible as RRVA is a PBO; tax certificates will be issued annually on request.

Please note that while RRVA cannot endorse nor indemnify the product or service of any commercial or private venture mentioned in RRVA literature, RRVA feels obliged on behalf of its members to publish our sincere gratitude for any help or service received.

Affiliated to the Honeydew Community Police Forum