RRVA Directors and Committee Members


Phil Culham:

Chairman & Parks & Environment, RRVA Road & Park Signage, Sponsorship & Advertising, Static Security (RRVA Fences)

As one of the founder members of RRVA (RRRA as was) in 1997, Phil is always active in these portfolios on behalf of RRVA.

Serving as RRVA Director


 Rod Rankine and Wayne Kets are currently serving as  provisional directors.


Greg Pearce:


Although Greg is not a director, he is a vital part of the RRVA. He deals with all RRVA security related issues. He runs CSS (Community Support Services) and has a vested interest in the suburb being a resident himself. Greg also represents the RRVA at the Honeydew       SAPS and CPF (Community Policing Forum)


 All the directors and committee memebers are working for YOU the RRVA member!


 “The focus of the RRVA is to provide a service to our members by reducing the incidents of crime and improving the parks and services rendered by the municipal organizations thereby making Randpark Ridge a sought after suburb to invest and live in. To sustain our services and further improve what we are offering we ALL need to assist in growing the current membership base.”