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GPS Art Competition

Do you want to go on a walk, run or cycle, make some awesome art, and maybe even win some prizes while you do it? If so, then plan your artwork, track your activity and go out and create a piece of GPS art and send it in for a chance to win!

Terms and Conditions

Anyone living in the RRVA area can enter this competition whether you are an RRVA member or not. You can Walk, Run or Cycle your GPS art. The competition has been divided into two segments. The first are for those that walk or run, and the second are for those that cycle. The winner of each category will receive a R750 voucher, however, if you are an RRVA member you will win R1500. The competition ends on the 31 March 2021. The RRVA committee will select the best 4 artworks and put it up for a vote on our Facebook page. You need to either email your entry to us or post it on Instagram and tag us as per the information below. You can enter as many times as you want.

How to Enter

In order to enter you need to do any one of the following;

Mail: You will need to send a mail to competitions@rrva.net with the subject “GPS art – Name and Surname”. You then need to provide us with the following information in the body of the mail (Please see example below). What application did you use, date of activity, activity type, distance travelled, duration, calories burned and inform us if you are an RRVA member? Most importantly, don’t forget to attach a screen shot of the image you created.

Instagram: Like our Instagram page, share your GPS art and tag us @the_rrva. Then add the same information to your post as requested above. 

Feel free to copy and past the following example. 

I used the Mapmyrun app today to create my GPS art. I ran 3.5km and burned 550 calories in 22min. I am a proud RRVA member. (If you are not a member just leave out the last sentence.)

The prizes are:

Best Piece of Art (as voted on by the members): R750 Gift Card (RRVA member will win R1500) Random Drawings (x2): Two people (one in each category) that submit pieces of art will be randomly selected to win the following. Unless otherwise noted, submission to the competition will allow the RRVA to use the submitted image(s) for promotional purposes. The winner of the Best Piece of Art will not be eligible for the random drawings.

Tips for creating Bike GPS Art

Here are a couple tips that will help you to create your very first piece of GPS Art:

  1. Get Inspired! Check out some of the great work other people have done. Just google GPS art and you will find a lot of examples
  2. Look over a map. Just look over a map and see if anything catches your eye. Sometimes it is quite convenient to use open spaces such a greenbelt areas or parking lots to give your image some finer detail.
  3. Don’t worry if the roads aren’t perfect. You don’t need to follow a road for the entire piece of art, that restriction would limit complex pieces to only the strongest riders willing to spend an entire day biking around. Instead make use of trails and sidewalks to flesh out your piece.
  4. Straight lines through buildings? If there is a building, hedge or anything else in the way of a line you need drawn, there is one more trick. Pause your tracker at the start of the line, bike around the long way, then resume it at the other end of the line. For most GPS tracking software it will put a straight line between these two points.
  5. Plan out your route beforehand. You want to make sure and go out with a plan. You would normally spend more time planning a route than actually riding or running it. Use some sort of software to plan out your route beforehand, or just plain old paper. The tool we would recommend is https://gribrouillon.fr/ for just drawing on a map. 
  6. GPS Tracking Software. Get something with which to record your ride. There are many options such as Wahoo Fitness or Map My Ride / Run. Just make sure whatever you use allows you to pause & resume to create a straight line, or just to review your next step.
  7. Make sure you have a reference. Most pieces will be fairly complex, especially once you are out and about. Make sure you have a way to reference the design while you are out.
  8. Go and do it! Go out and ride the route. Make sure and go slow and reference what you have done often, as it is easy to overshoot or go the wrong way. Make sure to double check everything you do, as going the wrong way could end up in having to re-do the whole thing.
  9. Be Considerate. Creating GPS art in the best of times requires being considerate of other road, trail, and sidewalk users. You are trying to move in ways that are sometimes unexpected. Please be patient, and make sure and maintain social distancing.

Hopefully you will be able to go out for a nice bike ride or run soon and make some cool art in the process.

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