There are two ways to turn the water off.

1. On the side of the meter is a rotating valve. When the arrow is pointing vertically up the valve is in the OPEN position. To close off the water it should be turned 90o CLOCKWISE. Under pressure this can be very difficult.

2. There is an alternate way of turning off the water. If the leak is from within the meter, use this method as it is upstream of the meter which may be running furiously. Criminal may sometimes remove the valve shown above to create a fountain at the meter in order to get the resident to come out of the property. Joburg Water also sometimes remove this valve if water has not been paid for – although they will turn off both valves so that water is not wasted.
• Remove the blue lid by pulling it vertically upwards – this requires no tools and does not need a large amount of force.
• Remove the plastic cover cap by turning it counter-clockwise to expose a plastic hexagonal-shaped cap screw valve.
• Insert a 10 mm Alan key and rotate by 90o until the water stops flowing.

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