Chris is one of the Volunteers of the RRVA. Below is a short Biography of Chris.

“I came to South Africa in 1984, and in 1988 purchased a property in Randpark Ridge and built my current house so I have been in this area for close on 33 years, and as one can imagine have seen many changes. In the same year as building and relocating to Randpark Ridge I married my lovely wife, Cathy. I have a daughter from a previous marriage and she lives in the UK.”

I am now retired, retiring towards the end of 2017. When working I was involved in the Short-Term Insurance Industry mainly in the claims environment.

I enjoy playing Golf and with time on my hands after retiring play 3 times a week. I enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, going to game reserves etc. unfortunately I don’t get to do as many of these activities as I would like. I also enjoy tinkering around in my workshop and doing DIY, and working with my hands.

I joined the RRVA virtually at the inception of the association in those early days, the focus mainly being on Security and have watched the association evolve over the years. Now that I have quite a bit of spare time, I felt it was time to volunteer to assist the association in appreciation of all the good work I think they have done. Now more than ever as a community we need to band together to preserve our great suburbs not only from a security point of view but also keeping the area and streets beautiful.”

We have asked him a couple of questions that will gives us more insight into his life and his understanding of the RRVA and our community:

Q1: What line of work/ business are you in or were you in? I am currently retired, retired end of 2017 , I was in the Short Term Insurance industry my expertise was in the Claims area, but towards the end of my career managed claims Branches .

Q2: How long have you lived in Randpark Ridge? 32 years and live in the same house that I originally built as the area was developing.

Q3: What made you choose to make a home in Randpark Ridge? Can’t really remember to be honest, but I think as mentioned the area was developing and a work colleague at the time lived in the area and suggested I have a look.

Q4: What are to you, the greatest strength/s of our community? Not  really sure.

Q5: What is your greatest concern for our community? Apart from low membership for the number of potential members, it is to make sure the community maintains it standards and keeps the area clean and tidy. Security is obviously a concern.

Q6: What needs to change or improve? More residents joining the RRVA to allow the RRVA to address the many tasks/projects it has for overall improvement.

Q7: What do you see are the greatest needs for the community? I think it would be security

Q8: What are the key issues that need to be resolved? Growing the membership .

Q9: What is the importance of The Randpark Ridge Village Association in our community? With diminishing/ collapsing Govt/municipal upkeep, service and security, areas need associations like RRVA to take on these challenges to keep the area good and a place to live.

Q10: What are your goals as a RRVA Committee Member? To assist and give back to the committee and residents a bit of my time to add value to the best of my ability.

Q11: What is your vision for our area and our community?  To continue with all the good work that has been done so far to make the area safe and clean to live in.

Q12: What can members of the community be doing to make RRVA the absolute best it can be? To get involved and encourage neighbours to join.

Q13: What do you do in your spare time? I play golf 3 times a week and on other days let my body recuperate !!

Q14: What are your interests and hobbies? I like outdoor activities such as fishing, going the game parks etc., unfortunately these days do not do as much as I would like.

Q15: What is your philosophy in life? Be grateful for every day and try to stay positive.

Q16: What book are you reading right now? “Unsolved” by James Patterson.

Q17: How do you like to get feedback? Not quite sure of the question , but I suppose verbally or email.

Q18: What advice do you have for any new Committee Members/ Directors? At this stage cannot really say.

Q19: What makes you smile when you get up in the morning? That I am fortunately able to get up and am relatively fit and healthy for my age.

Q20: What misconceptions do people have about The RRVA? I think most just see The  RRVA as being involved in Security so see no reason join the RRVA when they already have a security company !! They are not aware of all the other work that is being done.


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