Heather is one of the directors of the RRVA. Below is a short Biography of Heather

“I am a longstanding resident of Randpark Ridge. Married for over 20 yrs and a mother of 4, I enjoy community involvement. I want to help ensure that my family and friends, who also live in the area, enjoy the fruits of this great suburb, along with other community members whom I’ve not had the pleasure of befriending yet. I like seeing families walking, enjoying the clean parks and cycling our streets. 

I want to hear kids laughing and playing in our parks, what better sound is there? I believe that a good community is primarily driven by contributions by the community, and I joined the RRVA to make a meaningful contribution in a way that I could.

My expertise lies in financial management, HR, business administration and business strategy with South African companies, as well as international companies. Hence my involvement in leading those particular areas within the RRVA. I have a wealth of experience spanning over various industries, and over a number of departments within an organisation. In providing a more holistic understanding of the impact actions have, I am then able to provide improved cohesion within an organization. 

I enjoy my time on the RRVA and there have been many new and exciting changes which have been spear-headed by our dynamic team, which is wonderful to see. After all, if nothing changes, then nothing changes. Change is inevitable and the only choice we have is to drive the change we want, or to be pushed into changes we do not want. 

As a biased resident who believes I live on the best looking little street in our area, I want all our streets to be as beautiful.”

We have asked her a couple of questions that will gives us more insight into her life and her understanding of the RRVA and our community:

Q1: What line of work/ business are you in? Electrical, Control and Instrumentation Design Engineering
Q2: Please tell us a bit about your family? I have 4 children, and a large family in general, most of whom stay locally and a large number inside Randpark Ridge itself.
Q3: How long have you lived in Randpark Ridge? I have lived here since 1996, however, my husband has lived here since 1987.
Q4: What made you choose to make a home in Randpark Ridge? My husband has always enjoyed the neighbourhood and I liked it too when I started spending more time in the area.
Q5: What to you, are the greatest strength/s of our community? Lots of green belt and family type spaces to work with. Nice size stands, good schools and it’s pretty central for traffic.
Q6: What is your greatest concern for our community? What needs to change or improve? What do you see are the greatest needs for the community? Crime and the effects of crime are a major concern. Not using our greenbelt areas and getting people into the communical areas again, getting cycle tracks, park equipment and other types of community areas set up for use.
Q7: What are the key issues that need to be resolved? A better sense of community, more involvement in the RRVA.
Q8: What is the importance of The Randpark Ridge Village Association in our community? I feel it should be a vehicle to allow neighbours to better interact with one another and ensure community funds are used for the betterment of all.
Q9: What are your goals as a RRVA Director? Get basic processes and procedures in place to allow the organisation’s office to function properly and to ensure administrators have systems needed to function optimally.
Q10: What is your vision for our area and our community? General upliftment of the area and investing in security.
Q11: What can members of the community be doing to make RRVA the absolute best it can be? Give of your time. To help with a task, a project – as big or as small as you would like, you can help by simply giving of yourself.
Q12: What do you do in your spare time and what are your interests and hobbies? Relaxing with friends, doing DIY projects, painting and playing SCII
Q13: What is your philosophy in life? Say what you mean, and mean what you say.
Q14: How do you like to get feedback? In writing. I prefer if things are clear and concise.
Q15: What advice do you have for any new Directors? Make sure you are part of team. Support one another and listen to other skills sets, particularly those you don’t posess.
Q16: What makes you smile when you get up in the morning? Coffee and hugs.
Q17: What misconceptions do people have about The RRVA? People don’t always appreciate the value in it. If they saw it as a means to better connect the neighbourhood with each other, they would see the true potential of the RRVA.

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