We have asked him a couple of questions that will gives us more insight into his life and his understanding of the RRVA and our community:

Q1: What line of work/ business are you in or were you in?
I am retired High School Headmaster (Principal)
Q2: Please tell us a bit about your family
I am married to Preethma gor 41 years and have two daughters Nerisha (40) and Paksini (28). Preethma is a retired Senior Media Librarian = SABC. Nerisha is a content developer – presently entrenched from the SABC and Paksini is a practising attorney with her own law firm…Govender Law
Q3: How long have you lived in Randpark Ridge?
1 year. I move in from Durban last year.
Q4: What made you choose to make a home in Randpark Ridge?
After looking at about 50 homes … found this to suit our needs and the area seems great. My daughter lived in Bodkruin … the boomed area across Randpark Drive…
Q5: What are to you, the greatest strength/s of our community?
Very security conscious and on my road I have a few very helpful people. Our community is rather stable.
Many take pride of the verges in front of their homes.
Q6: What is your greatest concern for our community?
What needs to change or improve? What do you see are the greatest needs for the community?
Additional security, Beautify the green belt and secure it so our community will be free and fell secure when using it to relax.
I seem many alien plants that need to be removed.
Q7: What are the key issues that need to be resolved?
I have no idea what are the members issues at present.
Q8: What is the importance of The Randpark Ridge Village Association in our community?
It gives us a sense if belonging.
It keeps us informed.
It is a good conduit between CoJ and us.
Keeps are area clean
Q9: What are your goals as a RRVA Committee Member?
Add to the already good work being done.. just to assist where and when needed.
Q10: What is your vision for our area and our community?
A United green community that cares.
Q11: What can members of the community be doing to make RRVA the absolute best it can be?
Join the RRVA.
Get involved in its activities.
Contribute articles for our Website and Newsletter..
Q12: What do you do in your spare time? What are your interests and hobbies?
I am retired… lots of spare time when to doing the office administration for my daughter’s law firm.
Like listening to music…watching movies …some gardening…helping with the work of our ashram…Ramakrishna Centre of South Africa- -Johannesburg
Q13: What is your philosophy in life?
Service to man is worship to God.
Q14: What book are you reading right now?
Ramakrishna – The Great Master.
Complete works of Swami Vivekananda.
Q15: How do you like to get feedback?
SMS or email
Q16: What advice do you have for any new Committee Members/ Directors?
Market RRVA in such a way that all 1000 dd households in the area are members.
Q17: What makes you smile when you get up in the morning?
God has given me another day to do his work …and my my wife off course.
Q18: What misconceptions do people have about The RRVA?
I don’t know because all my neighbour’s are members…have not heard any negative comments thus far…

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