Quinton is one of the directors of the RRVA, and is also the acting Chairman. Below is a short Biography of Quinton

“I am a proud father of two, and one of my biggest successes in life was getting married to my wife. Being happy makes the world so much easier to take on. I am a sport enthusiast and love the outdoors, whether it is for a run, a round of golf, or going camping or hiking. We enjoy spending time with family and friends, and if we can do this around a braai then we are at our happiest..

In my professional capacity, I am a CTS (Certified Technology specialist) certified solutions architect who has designed countless audio visual solutions to various Government entities (including universities), public and private companies across South Africa and Africa alike. 

I have gained extensive knowledge in AV distribution, System Automation, Sound distribution, large format displays, indoor and outdoor LED, Control rooms, Video Recording and streaming as well as IPTV. I have a passion for technology and constantly research new trends and products, and being pre-sales, the focus is always to engineer a value for money solution. Because of this I enjoy being involved in the security committee to give input where needed. 

I have gained extensive experience in marketing, advertising, design and sponsorship management in the 4 years prior to starting my career as a solutions architect. The marketing portfolio is my primary portfolio. This portfolio acts as a conduit between our members and committee members, and allows me to keep in touch with all the committee members, what they are involved in, and the message we wish to send out to our residents. 

I enjoy supporting the environment committee as I have a great passion for the environment. 

I have many ideas that I would like to investigate that I believe could transform our neighbourhood, and make it one of the best and most secure in South Africa. But, without our wonderful team of volunteers, and our members, these will always remain ideas. I am a doer, a go getter, someone who loves to make a difference, and being part of the RRVA has allowed me to channel my energy toward doing just that, one project at a time.”

We have asked him a couple of questions that will gives us more insight into his life and his understanding of the RRVA and our community:
Q1: Please tell us a bit about your family? I am married to the most amazing wife, Lauren, and have two kids, Dané (10) and Divan (6). Most of our extended family farm near Rustenburg.
Q2: How long have you lived in Randpark Ridge? We only moved into the RRVA area in August 2019, but have been living in Randpark ridge since 2017.
Q3: What made you choose to make a home in Randpark Ridge? Seeing that we go to the farm quite often, this side of Johannesburg just made more sense. This area specifically is great because of its close proximity to the highway and some of our favourite shops.
Q4: What to you, are the greatest strength/s of our community? Most definitely our residents who make sure you know what they like and don’t like.
Q5: What is your greatest concern for our community? When we moved into the area, I wanted to join a non-profit, to make a difference. I found the RRVA who at the time was in a very bad place. After we made some changes to our residents association it felt like the residents were split into two, those in support of the CSS, and those supporting the RRVA. This blew my mind, I still don’t understand how people compared a non-profit public benefit organisation who spends all its money on our neighbourhood, to a “for profit” armed response company. People need to understand that we are not in competition, and that they can subscribe to both the RRVA, and any armed response company they want. If we lose our residents association, our community will be in dire straights.
Q6: What needs to change or improve and what do you see are the greatest needs for the community? We need better security in our area. When I refer to security I am not talking about the armed response companies, I am referring to technology such as CCTV at our borders, closed off roads and automatic boom gates. The most important part of this is that we as residents need to own this, and not be hold to ransom by a security company who wants to implement this. This is an immediate requirement. In order to make this happen quicker, the RRVA needs more members, which in turn means we as the RRVA needs to improve our services to the community, which we are now able to do, and have started doing.
Q7: What are the key issues that need to be resolved? We as a community all need to be in support of our residents association. Together we can achieve so much. Everyone is already voicing their concerns/complaints, which is a good thing, we just need help us to achieve the required results, which in turn means more volunteers. Things are happening slowly, purely because we need more helping hands
Q8: What is the importance of The Randpark Ridge Village Association in our community? Our RA allows people in our neighbourhood to voice their concerns, and give us as residents the ability to fix those issues with our collective buying power. To fix a problem one needs three things, capital, experience and time/resources. An RA allows you to outsource the time/resources, our volunteers possess the ability to fix most issues (more volunteers required) and capital is available (more members required). Together we can transform our area into what we as residents want it to be. If you have an idea and would like to suggest a project then please go onto our website (in about two weeks) and submit your idea. We have an open door policy, and any of our directors can be approached directly to discuss matters that you feel need to be addressed. Help us help you!
Q9: What are your goals as an RRVA Director? To bring tangible change, as simple as that. Our non-profit company is still a company, and we will manage it as such. A company cannot function just on sales, and in our terms “security”. My goal is to make sure that all our portfolios flourish, which is environment, security and care, marketing and administration. We need to become a well-oiled machine. Our biggest allocation of funds still go to security, but our other divisions still have their own projects and funds available. I want to fix our internal processes, and make it easy for our volunteers to achieve their (our) goals.
Q10: What is your vision for our area and our community? I am mixing my vision and mission in my answer.
1 year, to have our borders secured and implement as many CCTV solutions as possible.
3 years, to be known in our region as one of the most secure neighbourhoods.
5 years, to have the best park in Gauteng and to provide assistance to other RA’s that would like to follow our example.
Q11: What can members of the community be doing to make RRVA the absolute best it can be? Be a good human and join the RRVA, just to be clear, these are two different things.
Q12: What do you do in your spare time, and what are your interests and hobbies? I play golf, like hiking, and camping with family and friend, and I am involved in the RRVA, which takes president these days.
Q13: What is your philosophy in life? Treat everyone with respect, and be happy, life is too short to be unhappy.
Q14: What book are you reading right now? The RRVA MOI, love the way our corporate governance consultants manage to word what we can and cannot do with such enthusiasm.
Q15: How do you like to get feedback? In anyway, as long as I get it.
Q16: What advice do you have for any new Directors? Be involved in something that you have a passion for and experience in.
Q17: What makes you smile when you get up in the morning? My wife.
Q18: What misconceptions do people have about The RRVA? That the RRVA is a security company. Honestly if I have to hear one more time :”why should we join the RRVA, we are with CSS” then I am going to put down the MOI and go play golf. Armed response company Vs Residence association. Not the same thing.

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