We have partnered up with EC Security in order to safeguard our area.


Being a resident association that cares about our community, we desired to partner up with a security company so that we could help towards improving the security within our area. Providing armed response to the residents in our area was not our motivation, as this should be the responsibility of individual home owners. Many security companies offer this service. Having said that, with our new partnership, RRVA members do have the ability to call in for armed response, as listed below. What these security companies do not do however, is what we required:

  • To do regular foot patrols of our greenbelt and outlining vacant areas.
  • To lock/unlock 3 security gates protecting our borders on a daily basis.
  • To protect our volunteers when we do maintenance and clean-ups in vacant areas.
  • To show presence and protect our residents during events such as street markets.
  • To have a dedicated security vehicle in our area. We also wanted to make sure that when our residents sign up for armed response that they are certain that the company they sign up with do in fact have a dedicated vehicle in our area. The agreement in place has secured a dedicated vehicle for our area.
  • To constantly patrol the streets and not have a stand off of longer than 30min. This shows presence in all the streets in our area.
  • To monitor and control vagrants , litterers, and intoxicated people.
  • To report infrastructure faults. While the patrol car is on duty, ECSS report any infrastructure failures or breakdowns they observe on their security rounds, such as potholes, missing manhole covers, street lights that are not working (including lights that are not extinguished during the day), burst water mains, overflowing sewers and the like.
  • To attend to all crime scenes, and not only of their own clients, so that we can track the activity and crime trend in our area.
  • To provide the RRVA with security solutions at a specific mark-up price a lot lower than what was being quoted in the market.


Over and above the benefits listed above, the direct benefits derived by RRVA members from this agreement are numerous, and are as follows;

  • Discounted armed response – Each RRVA member will receive a special discounted rate when signing up with EC Security for armed response. The current rate for RRVA members is R265 incl. pm, which is a saving of R 96,17 incl. pm.
  • Tuck in service – When a RRVA member returns home late at night, EC Security will provide a “tuck in” service, upon telephonic request. EC Security will then wait for them at their gate and ensure that they safely enter their home.
  • Call in service – RRVA members are able to call into the EC Security control room when they require support from the local patrol vehicle in regard to anything out of the norm or a post incident support call.


Our business is founded on one principle: We exist to improve the quality of life of our clients, and specifically the community of the West Rand. It was with one small contract, in 1997, that EC Security was founded on this principle. Our CEO, Eugene Coetzee, took on a single contract and, through remaining steadfast in our primary principle, has seen the business go from strength to strength. To ensure we remain secure in our focus on our clients, our business remains owner-managed to this day. It is through the commitment of our long standing team of core management that we are able to provide exceptional continuity in operational and service standards, with our CEO deeply entrenched in every aspect of the business. While our business has grown exponentially our principles of operation always put the client at the centre, and include amongst others;

  • Ensuring we have more resources to secure our clients than what is required or recommended by industry best practice.
  • This is made possible through exemplary corporate citizenship which leads to efficiencies.
  • The benefits of these efficiencies are then passed along to our clients and community through the ability to keep our pricing model well below industry standard without compromising quality; and
  • By continuously investing in our state-of-the-art infrastructure.

While running a tight ship is part of the fabric of our business, it is the levels of service and personal commitment to our clients and community that is the beating heart of how we function. Our teams are made up of individuals who are personally invested in improving the quality of life of our clients and community. From our control-room, which is at the centre of our monitoring and response infrastructure, to our specialist and tactical response divisions, every EC Security representative genuinely cares about our clients on an individual and community level. We look forward to our partnership with the RRVA.

www.ecsecurity.co.za | 011 431 0972 | info@ecsecurity.co.za


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