Who We Are

The second portfolio is the Security and Care Committee. The Security Committee is tasked with making our area a safer place for all. In partnership with EC Security, we constantly patrol our greenbelts, allowing residents to jog, cycle, walk their dogs and afford our children the opportunity to play safely. We respond to all incidents in the area and have a dedicated RRVA armed response vehicle patrolling our community roads. We constantly monitor multiple CCTV sites, allowing us to identify flagged vehicles and any suspicious activity.


The purpose of our Care Committee is to provide guidance, understanding and support to those members of the community who have suffered a loss of a loved one, or have been through a traumatic experience. Our fundamental role is to step in and show respect, kindness, and unbiased compassion, by assisting wherever we are needed most. Showing people that healing is a complex journey and that they are not alone, is vital. 

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