RRVA was established to represent the interests of the residents of the village.

The RRVA is a non-profit Public Benefit Residents Association that was established in 1997, to represent the interests of the residents of the Village (Randpark Ridge ext 1, 3, 16, 41 & 45). The RRVA was established to promote the welfare of the residents and the RRVA suburbs, and to assist in the planning of security strategies to help prevent crime.

We appreciate that the security and wellbeing of our families, our streets, our neighbourhood, and all the residents in the RRVA area, is of paramount importance.

The RRVA directors and committee members are local volunteers who give of their time freely, and derive no financial remuneration or perks whatsoever. We, like you, are parents, residents, employees and business owners in our community. We are professionals in various industries that contribute to the success of our community, whether it be engineers looking out for our public infrastructure, or certified technology specialists investigating how technology can help to better protect our members. All of this is done free of charge. By caring for our family-orientated community and our environment, we make our suburb safer and more hospitable for all. This, in turn, helps to safeguard the value of our homes. 

In order to sufficiently grasp some of what we do, let’s look at the 4 portfolios within the RRVA.

Firstly, we have the Environment and Infrastructure Committee looking after our parks, greenbelt and adjoining vacant properties. Our dedicated RRVA employees collect litter, illegally dumped rubble, remove alien vegetation and report infrastructure problems to the Council.

The second portfolio is the Security and Care Committee. The Security Committee is tasked with making our area a safer place for all. In partnership with EC Security, we constantly patrol our greenbelts, allowing residents to jog, cycle, walk their dogs and afford our children the opportunity to play safely. We respond to all incidents in the area and have a dedicated RRVA armed response vehicle patrolling our community roads. We constantly monitor multiple CCTV sites, allowing us to identify flagged vehicles and any suspicious activity.

The purpose of our Care Committee is to provide guidance, understanding and support to those members of the community who have suffered a loss of a loved one, or have been through a traumatic experience. Our fundamental role is to step in and show respect, kindness, and unbiased compassion, by assisting wherever we are needed most. Showing people that healing is a complex journey and that they are not alone, is vital.

Our Marketing and PR Committee’s primary focus is to keep our members well informed, through numerous media channels. We host competitions and events, and are expanding our partner network, which offers our loyal members some wonderful benefits. For more information about our partners kindly visit our website.

Finally, our Administration team. Our RRVA ‘home’ is Shop 20, Randpark Shopping Centre, 93 Randpark Drive, Randpark Ridge. Our lovely office ladies, Donne and Kirsten, are here to assist you on Mon to Fri (9am-12am; and 2pm to 5pm), and on a Saturday (9am to 12am). Our office is closed on Sundays, Mondays and public holidays. It is a wonderful base where our members can pop in if they have any queries, would like to report a fault, would like to donate some toys/clothing/recyclables etc. Some of the office functions are the sale of security products to members at cost, the collection of bottle tops/batteries for recycling, lost property, information and notification of water/power cuts, lockdown information, etc.

Why should you join the RRVA?

To be sustainable and proactive, and to help ensure your safety while in the suburb, takes finance.

As our monthly subscriptions increase, so does our ability to respond in a proactive manner.
Sustaining monthly maintenance and to install extra security measures on entrances and roads.
Keep up to date with technology for security reasons and for deploying more vehicles within the area.
High walls and electric fencing do not stop criminals. What is needed is the threat that should they venture into the neighbourhood, they WILL be swiftly dealt with by security response units. The more residents who contribute, the more sophisticated and prompt the response will be.
Patrollers will always give preference to contributors. Contributors have signs up at their premises that show they are financially contributing to the RRVA (and to their community).
If everyone adopted the approach and attitude of “why should I pay or get involved”, the RRVA would close, crime would increase, and our beautiful suburb would not be maintained.

All of the above requires ongoing expenses and maintenance, which comes out of the RRVA membership contributions. The RRVA is striving to ensure that all who live in the village contribute to the association and help us to maintain YOUR village.

Joining the RRVA requires a sign-up agreement, and modest monthly dues. We hope to increase our membership as a means of reducing cost and sharing the community burden. We encourage you to join, and ask that you please encourage others to join.

We are currently seeking more directors and committee members too. If you would like to add value to our RRVA team, please do get in touch.

Please contact Donne or Kirsten at our RRVA office if you have any queries, we love hearing from our members!

Tel: 071 598 0866 and 081 898 0382. Email: info@rrva.net and membership@rrva.net

Be a part of this dynamic Residents Association in Randpark Ridge​

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” – Margaret Wheatley

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