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The RRVA is currently in process of applying for permission from the City of Johannesburg to lock the pedestrian gate between Rabie Road and Essenhoud Drive, between 22h00 until 05h00 at night.

We believe that in doing so will aid security measures by limiting access to our suburb during evening hours.

It is proposed to place signage at the gate stating:
“Locked 22h00 – 05h00. To unlock call 083 635 3808. This is a 24 hour service”
and for the locking / unlocking duties to be performed by RRVA appointed security provider, CSS.

In order for submission to be successful, we will require consent from 80% of the affected parties, and an application fee will be payable to the City of Johannesburg.

Pedestrian gate between Rabie Road and Essenhoud Drive

If you have any comments of queries, please get in touch with us. We will post about the progress of this application on a regular basis.

Click here to download the security access restriction policy.

5 Replies to “Application for permission to lock the gate between Rabie Road and Essenhoud Drive at night”

  1. Berenice van Dyk says:

    Hi. I would certainly support the locking of the gate at night. We live in an extremely dangerous area and while it is important to provide access from Rabie road for pedestrian traffic during the day, locking the gate after hours will provide a degree of additional security. However properties bordering the green belt and Rabie are still at high risk in my opinion and should not be less vigilant.

  2. Alan Baddeley says:

    totally Supported. It will add to security

  3. Lillian says:

    We support the application

  4. M. VAN HEERDEN says:

    That gate must be locked. We have too many security issues because of that gate as it gives dangerous people easy access to us via the freeway. Other suburbs don’t have access gates leading directly from the freeway, so I don’t think it’s fair that our area must have this gate. It is NOT safe for us. I STRONGLY support that gate being permanently closed. In fact there shouldn’t be a gate at all.

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