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Dear RRVA members,

Over the past month, and particularly during the past 24 hours, we have received several calls and messages from members who are extremely disturbed about what appears to be a recent explosion of crime in our neighbourhood. The directors of RRVA share your deep concern and we are currently exploring several possibilities to help combat this wave of crime.

Unfortunately, our financial constraints preclude us from appointing extra patrols, but we believe we can make a positive difference by educating our valued members and making you more aware of the current modus operandi of criminals, as well as members’ greatest vulnerabilities. Raising our own awareness and changing our behaviour is probably our best protection.

As a point of departure, I appeal to you all to study the this PDF document which set out CSS’s service offering.

RRVA pays CSS about 80% of your levies to keep us safe and, as paid-up members, you are entitled to make use of these services. You will see that they offer not just a security service but ER24 emergency medical assistance as well. I personally did not know about this until last month, when I accidentally amputated the end of my finger while alone at home. Fortunately I was able to drive myself to hospital. Had I known, I could simply have contacted the CSS control room for medical assistance on
(011) 791 7917 or 082 411 2011.

CSS have taken the initiative to organise security training for domestic workers next Wednesday 28 August at 10h00 at CSS (52 Randpark Drive). This is an ideal opportunity to inform your domestic worker about the current modus operandi of criminals operating in our area. Remember that your domestic worker is often at home when you are out and therefore forms a vital link in your family’s chain of security. Just a couple of weeks ago, criminals, under the guise of contract installers, gained entry to a home in our suburb by pretending to phone the home owner in the presence of a domestic worker and then persuading her that the owner had given permission for her to open up to allow them in to take measurements. It is in your family’s best interests to ensure that your own domestic worker is aware of such dangers. This workshop will be presented free of charge, courtesy of CSS. Please support this initiative!

We have also arranged a talk by Mario Sequeira, who owns the Palmcourt Karate Centre in Weltevreden Park. I attended this talk in February and I can assure you that this is one you should not miss – it was brilliant! Although Mario is a 5th Dan with 30 years’ experience in the martial arts, the emphasis of his talk was not on how to defend ourselves by fighting, but rather how to conduct ourselves and correct our mindset to avoid risks, conflicts, dangers and fighting – a very sensible and pragmatic approach. As a speaker, Mario is absolutely captivating. He gave numerous examples of mistakes we all continuously make and some very practical suggestions about how we can mitigate risks to ourselves, our families and our property. Mario is passionate about the subject. Mario has agreed to give his talk at 19h00 on Wednesday 4 September at Randpark Primary School Hall. Security will be provided for you and your cars by CSS. This event will also be free of charge. Please bring your whole family and support this initiative.

We remain committed to your security and well being – keep safe!

Yours faithfully

Rod Rankine
RRVA Chairperson

21 August 2019

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