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Dates for 2019 meeting will be posted soon.

What is the domestic worker forum?

The RRVA is hosting a domestic worker forum so that we can build strong relationships with all the domestic workers and gardeners of the RRVA area. Domestic Workers are part of the community; they walk on our streets most often, are at home most of the time during the day and in many cases the ones who are looking after the children during the day. The RRVA wants to empower the Domestic Workers to feel safer in their daily routine. Our aim is to make the domestic workers of the area feel that they have support from the community.

What our aims:

> To assist domestic workers to feel and be safe
> To be valued members of the community
> To set up a communication line with them
> Identify what issues they are having so we can assist with them
> Give Domestic Workers skills and information


Different topics will be discussed on a monthly basis, so regular attendance is important.

For any information please feel free to contact webmaster@rrva.net

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