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Load-shedding, implications for you in Randpark Ridge and sustainable energy

Presented by the RRVA, 10 April 2018. By Roderick G.D. Rankine Pr.Eng

Rod is a registered engineer and alternative energy enthusiast, who is virtually 100% self-sufficient and independent of City Power and Eskom. He has a wealth of professional and personal knowledge, expertise and application on this subject.

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“If you don’t deal with reality, reality will deal with you” Collin Campbell

Content of this presentation

Overview of background to Eskom and how we got into this mess

This problem in historical and global perspective

Prospects looking forward

Safeguarding your home security and family against the effects of load-shedding

Alternative energy options – rooftop PV

Benefits other than merely economic

I hear costs are coming down – should I buy now or should I wait?

Although it is expensive, it’s probably more affordable than you think – how to justify the expense and make it pay

Ideas to get SARS to help pay for your PV system


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