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(Reporduced with permision of  SAPS Honeydew)

Crime briefs will now be formatted in plain text for your convenience, the official PDF file will still be available to download just click this link – Crime Brief 08 May 2012 – to download it.


Currently the TRIO crimes (Residential Robberies, Car Jacking and Business Robberies) are on the increase and residents are asked to be crime prevention aware at all times of the day and at night. Ensure that you are always in possession of all the emergency phone numbers (not just on your cell phone). Be aware of your surroundings when leaving and returning to you residence.

Herewith some of the crime reported in the Honeydew Precinct.

House Robbery (Struben’s Valley): At 09:40 the domestic worker was busy hanging up washing when four unknown males approached her. They indicated they were sent to do measurements by the owner of the property. She explained to the men that she had to confirm with the owner but they grabbed her, forcing her back into the house. She was tied up and property taken from the premises.

House Robbery (Cosmo City): At 22:30 the complainant went outside to fetch water when he was approached by two unknown men with firearms. They instructed him to go back into the house; five more men entered the house, the seven suspects then ransacked the house taking money and electrical equipment.

Robbery with a firearm: On Sunday morning at 09:00 the complainant was walking her dog at the Golden Harvest Park when she was approached by two unknown males, with a screwdriver. The suspects grabbed the complainant and robbed her of her jewellery and sun glasses. Residents are asked to be careful when walking alone; try to walk in groups and do not wear any jewellery as the criminals are opportunists and what they see they want.

Hi-jacking: At about 14:20 the complainant was driving his company vehicle down Beyers Naude drive when a white VW Golf 5 pulled him off the road. The occupants of the VW Golf were flicking their lights and blowing a siren. One unknown male dressed in a police uniform and a reflective jacket approached the complainant and asked for his driver’s license. The suspect then instructed the complainant to walk with him to the Golf. At the Golf the suspect pushed the complainant into the vehicle where two other unknown men, dressed in SAPS uniform, were sitting. The suspects drove off with the complainant and dropped him off at Boundary Road and fled with their vehicle and his bakkie.

Business Robberies: Armed Robberies at Business premises is still on the increase and owners and managers of businesses are again urged to ensure that they have all the necessary security measures in place.

Safety at Business premises:

Position surveillance cameras strategically and implement some form of entrance and exit control. Make sure persons can be clearly identified by the cameras as the video footage assists the SAPS with their investigation.

  • Keep the premises well-illuminated, both inside and out.
  • Take special precautionary measures at opening and closing times. Ensure that 2 or more staff members can be present when the premises is being locked or unlocked.
  • Place static panic buttons in strategic areas of your store, e.g. in the cash office or strong room.
  • Ensure that all emergency numbers are visible and available to all staff members on duty.

Hot spot details:

Currently most of the Businesses robberies are occurring from 16:00 and during closing times. From Wednesdays until Fridays are currently the problematic days.

Suspicious vehicles to be on the lookout for:

  • v White Honda Ballade with two occupants involved in Attempted House breaking and theft in the Northwold area.
  • White Toyota Quantum with three occupants involved in Car Jackings in the Cosmo City area.
  • Blue Toyota Corolla with three occupants also involved in Car Jackings in the Cosmo City area.
  •  White Golf 5 with three occupants involved in Car Jacking in Randpark Ridge (suspects were dressed in police uniform)


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