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With loadshedding many people are making use of generators which can result in noise and air pollution issues in residential areas. Cllr Tim Truluck put this together in consultation with the Environmental Health Department to provide residents with guidelines on generator use:


There is no measureable noise threshold for a generator. If your generator is disturbing a neighbour, then it’s a problem.

You need to do some or all of the following things if you want to continue using it:
– Buy a generator that is rated for residential use. It will be quieter when it is running.
– Soundproof it. You can buy a cover (like swimming pool pump covers) or put it in an outbuilding which you can soundproof.
– Move it away from the neighbour who is complaining.


There are no defined operating times. But again, use your discretion and try to be considerate of your neighbours.


Exhaust fumes must not waft into your neighbour’s open windows or garden. If this is happening, then you will need to install a vent that will take the fumes up high so that they will not cause a nuisance to your neighbours.

Also, make sure that you don’t run the generator in an enclosed space, especially inside a room. There are many cases of families dying from carbon-monoxide poisoning.


Fuel needs to be stored in a secure Jerry can. Check with your insurance company as to what their requirements are and how many litres you can store. Also be careful when you refuel.


Make sure that if you have connected into your household electricity system, that it is done by a qualified electrician and that there is a changeover isolator switch to prevent damage when municipal power is restored.


It is easy to find out who has a generator – just take a walk or drive around a neighbourhood during loadshedding. These properties can become a target especially if the generator is left outside or in an unlocked room or garage. Please lock them away when you’re not using them.

Cllr Leah Knott

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