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The new year brought bad news for local JHB Owls.

A severe case of Trich (Trichomonas) is going around in the greater JHB area. This is a cosmopolitain parasite in doves and pigeons, that’s terminal for Owls should they not receive treatment in time.

Reports from neighboring areas like Radiokop were found on Facebook, where owl families are being affected (from eating other infected birds). Sadly in this case the mom (Lady) and her chicks did not survive. Ongoing efforts by residents and the Owl Sanctuary are underway to catch Pappa, the male who has also been confirmed infected.

Good news is that our Frangipani Street owl family seem unaffected, and are happily tucked away at home. Parents and chicks seem to be keeping well and are reported to still be very playful.

Important: If you have owls in your neighborhood being very inactive, don’t wait – report it to the Owl Rescue Center. Every minute counts – and they need to get caught and treated immediately.

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