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Minutes of the RRVA Annual General Meeting. 29 November 2018 at Rand Park Primary School

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1. Registration

A register of all RRVA members was marked off as people entered the school hall. Each member household was issued with a voting card.36 households had representatives at the meeting and 12 proxy forms were delivered. 3 non-member households also attended the meeting but were not issued with voting cards.

2. Welcome

Rod Rankine chaired the meeting and welcomed the members, thanking them for attending. Rod informed the members that the Directors had become aware that matters to be raised at the SGM scheduled for the evening, still needed more scrutiny. As a result it was decided that the SGM would not be held that night but would be scheduled for early 2019.

3. Apologies

  • Beverley Wewejee (Ward Councillor RRVA area south of Hy Many Park)
  • Wendy Alexander (Ward Councillor RRVA area north of Hy Many Park)
  • Adriaan van Bergen
  • Greg Pearce (CSS)
  • Claudia Packman (CSS)
  • Dee Murphy (RRVA Book keeper)

4. Brief overview of RRVA operating area and the area governed by each of our Ward


A map of the RRVA operating area was displayed and Rod Rankine explained that the green belt falls

between the domain of the two Ward Councillors and that neither seem to accept responsibility for it.

5. Security and CSS

RRVA has a longstanding relationship with Community Support Services (CSS) whereby CSS will only provide Armed Response (at a preferential rate) to households in the RRVA operating area provided these dwellings are paid-up RRVA members. Rod Rankine presented facts and figures provided by Greg Pearce of CSS including:

  • Prior to 2003 when there was no 24 Hr patrol car there were 38 crimes per month. Now 6 to 8 crimes per
  • month.
  • This year, to date, there have been no attempted armed robberies in our area.
  • There was one incident of hijacking to date in 2018.
  • There were 7 incidents of house breaking to date.

Rod Rankine briefly listed some domestic crime prevention ideas supplied to him by Greg Pearce.

In 2018 CCTV cameras were installed. Costs (R 180 k) not shown in 2018 Financials – only incurred in the 2019 Financial year. This project had been approved by resolution passed at the 2015 AGM. Rod Rankine listed several reasons for the long delay in implementing this resolution – including improved new technologies, waiting for roll-out of fibre optic cables in the area and a proposed option to hire rather than purchase.

These cameras are situated at main access points into our suburb including:

  • Corner of Seder & Molope
  • East end of Randpark Drive & Asgaai intersection
  • West end of Randpark Drive & Mimosa intersection facing pedestrian gate
  • Intersection of Anaboom & Seder
  • Corner of Karee & Molope
  • Corner of Oudoring & Appelblaar
  • 15 Essenhout Drive facing the Rabie Road pedestrian entrance

Further CCTV cameras are being installed at a cost of R 150 k at the following positions:

  • 6 cameras at 24 Essenhout watching Rabie and alley
  • 4 cameras at 86 Randpark Drive Cnr. Seder (at Spar)
  • 4 cameras at Le Mirage watching entrance to Hy Many Dam & embankment
  • 3 cameras at 8 Seder watching Hy Many Park – both up and down
  • Cameras at Twin Oaks watching tunnels (under Beyers) and dam

The members expressed their disappointment that given the amount of money that RRVA invests, CSS should have sent at least one representative to this very important meeting.

Questions were raised about camera resolution, number plate recognition and how the camera positions were chosen. Rod Rankine explained that we were advised by Greg Pearce of CSS but that a non-member Barret Stewart, who also operates a security company in Randpark Ridge attended a meeting and helped guide the committee members regarding the choice and positioning of cameras.

Jean Koch raised a concern that these camera’s don’t seem to be linked to any SAPS or crime databases for number plate recognition and cross checking.

Clive Granville offered his help with any future CCTV camera matters.

6. Financials

A request was made to make the service level agreement with CSS available as well as the consultancy agreement with Phil Culham. Phil Culham agreed to post these on the RRVA website.

Numerous questions were raised about apparent conflicts of interest including:

  • Phil Culham receiving remuneration from the RRVA as a consultant not as an employee for the monthly income he derives for his work in the parks, and whether this was not in conflict with the Articles of

Association which state that directors should not receive any remuneration from the RRVA. Rod Rankine clarified that the Articles of Association clearly state “No Directors of the Company shall derive any remuneration from the Company for their services to the Company as Directors”.

  • CSS being the sole security provider to the RRVA as per a contract which automatically renews from year to year without being put out to tender.

7. Financial reports for the year ending 28 February 2018

  • We currently have just over 500 paid-up members. Committee have elected not to increase annual subscriptions next year.
  • Rod Rankine summarised the financials using pie charts to show apportionment of funds and briefly discussed the most significant items.
  • Copies of the financials for 2017 and 2018 were available for distribution to all people attending the meeting. Click here to view.

8. Appointment of Auditor

Members voted to appoint a new Auditor at the SGM rather than at this AGM. Various RRVA members volunteered to put forward names of suitable auditors.

9. SGM and AGM dates 2019

It was agreed that the SGM will be scheduled for early 2019 – date still to be decided. This SGM will also include passing any amendments to the Articles of Association.

Members also agreed with Rod Rankine’s proposal to hold the AGM in May 2019 shortly after the financial year end.

10. Ward Councillors

Juan Koch expressed his satisfaction with the effective assistance he has received from Wendy Alexander in getting street lamps repaired.

Clive Granville expressed his disappointment in Wendy Alexander’s lack of action/support regarding his opposition to the cell phone mast that has been illegally installed in the property adjacent to his home.

Members expressed their dissatisfaction at the lack of action taken by Beverley Weweje.

11. Environment

  • Photos were shown of repainting of fences, cleaning up and painting of crash barriers and curbs. Wayne Kets was thanked for his tremendous effort in this respect.
  • Rod Rankine stated that wherever possible, the committee had decided that all future exposed steelwork would be hot dip galvanized to alleviate the need to paint in the future.
  • Photos were shown of all the work that was done to clean up and maintain the parks and embankments and Phil Culham was thanked for his efforts in keeping our parks well maintained.
  • Photos of very heavy objects which had been dumped illegally in our suburb were shown. Residents were urged to record details if such infringements were witnessed and to report illegal dumping to an RRVA director or CSS.
  • Residents were urged to help clean up verges and pick up litter in our suburb. Natasha Foster agreed to make available the telephone number for a company “JC Decaux” who advertise on some of the communal dustbins. She explained that they usually empty dustbins within 48 hours of being made aware that they are full.
  • A suggestion was made that CSS be made responsible for breaking up unauthorised/illegal gatherings in public spaces where alcohol was being consumed.
  • Juan Koch explained that at Sector level a move has been made to address the litter problem by training security officers to make them aware of unauthorised gatherings and how to deal with them.
  • A resident expressed her satisfaction for the quick and effective response of CSS when called to assist with gatherings of high school pupils and vagrants in common areas where they gather to consume alcohol and make a public nuisance.
  • Clive Granville informed residents that it is legal to take pictures of any person in a public space provided the photograph is not used to derive income.

12. Infrastructure

Rod Rankine showed photographs of RRVA infrastructure showing symptoms of severe distress. He referred to reports he had written and submitted to Joburg Roads Agencies and Joburg Parks detailing the state of collapsing infrastructure, warning of imminent collapse together with recommendations for appropriate remedial action on:

  • Hy Many Dam: at risk of breaching during a flood.
  • Corroded steel sewer pipe in Hy Many Park adjacent to Randpark Drive
  • Concrete canal lining in Hy Many Park adjacent to Randpark Drive
  • Pipe culvert under Seder Road downstream of Hy Many Dam and pipe culvert under Medlar Road bordering Hy Many Park

These reports are available on the RRVA website.

He also mentioned Erosion of the stream bank in Hy Many Park downstream of Seder Road is undermining a Seder Road property – House No. 7 (Stand 3153)

13. Vote of thanks to RRVA

Christine Rankine thanked the current Directors for their hard work and dedication over the past year.

14. Vision for RRVA

There is a document on the website (here) entitled “Vision for RRVA 2018 and beyond”. Rod Rankine summarised this document.

Phil Culham proposed that the RRVA make a financial contribution to the legal costs incurred by members opposing the installation of cell phone masts where due process has not been followed. This followed Clive Granville’s explanation of the traumatic experience he has had opposing an illegal cellphone mast erected in his neighbour’s premises.

Rod Rankine shared that the RRVA needs the following champions to drive it forward

• Legal expert to advise us on our rights and obligations and to help us force City of Joburg to fulfil their mandate

• Secretary to take minutes of meetings

• Webmaster (resolved as at Jan 2019)

• Sales & Marketing person to grow the membership

• Recycling champion to declare war on litter & change attitudes

• Environmentalist to guide us on how best to nurture our parks

• Security expert to help combat crime

• Social events organiser

• Community support sympathiser (compassionate & empathetic)

15. Nominations for Directors

The following RRVA members were nominated as Directors:

Phil Culham – Proposer & Seconder: Greg Pearce, Alberto Giati

Wayne Kets – Proposer & Seconder: Patricia Utton, Glen Lester

Juan Koch  – Proposer & Seconder: Francios Du Buisson,  Jennifer McQuillan

Clive Granville – Proposer & Seconder: Rod Rankine,  Jaco Scheepers

Eleen Du Buisson – Proposer & Seconder: Jennifer McQuillan, John Cauldwell

Tanja Schmitz  – Proposer & Seconder: Needha Athmaram, Francois Du Buisson

Natasha Foster – Proposer & Seconder: Shirley Koch,  Wilbert Tamboer

Rod Rankine – Proposer & Seconder: Liezl Bothma, Debbie Kets

16. Committee Members

The following people stood as committee members:

  1. Alberto Gaiti
  2. Solange Gaiti
  3. Charl Victor
  4. Barbara Entrassangle
  5. Sue Cowie
  6. Joan Burton
  7. Zakir Rawoot
  8. Willie Pillay
  9. Jon Cauldwell
  10. Shirley Koch
  11. Candice Whitehead (membership pending)
  12. Jennifer McQuillan

17. Closing

Rod Rankine thanked the members for their participation and especially for their enthusiasm and commitment. Meeting closed 21h40.

Reviewed and approved by; 

  • Phil Culham (RRVA Chairman)
  • Glen Lester
  • Wayne Kets (Treasurer)
  • Roderick Rankine

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