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Dear RRVA Members,

We have recently lost two directors who both resigned for personal reasons.  There are now currently only three directors on the board.

According to our Memorandum of Incorporation  (view it here), we need a minimum of five directors to function and four directors for a meeting quorum (50% of five plus one).

It is therefore imperative that we appoint two new directors before the AGM scheduled to be held in May.

This week, the board passed a round robin resolution to accept these resignations, amend details on the CIPC website and invite nominations from the members.

Please give this matter your careful consideration.  Before making nominations, please bear in mind that being a director of RRVA is a serious commitment involving both time and effort.  The RRVA incurs costs in registering and deregistering directors with CIPC.

Therefore, please do not nominate yourself or others unless you feel quite certain that you, or your nominee, is willing and able to make a significant commitment for at least the next year.

Nominations should be sent to

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