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This is an official notice to all residents within the RRVA operating area.

The local WhatsApp street groups were established by the former RRVA board/committee some years ago, for RRVA members. The platform was intended to streamline communications and connect the community with security and municipal service-related queries and/or comments.

Towards late 2018, the RRVA WhatsApp service discontinued on many of the street groups due to group client fragmentation, misuse by members of the platform, and non-members being added. Most of these groups are still operational today, and contain many residents that are not RRVA members. 

The RRVA believes in community, and that together we can achieve more. The WhatsApp street groups should be all inclusive. Irrespective of being an RRVA member or not, every resident should have access to a platform to communicate to their neighbors, share security information and be connected.

Please take important note that the street group should not be your first point of all for emergencies. RRVA Members must please make use of the RRVA/CSS Emergency number for immediate assistance. However, we do understand that in case of an emergency reaching out to familiar channels might be a natural reaction.

The RRVA and/or CSS do monitor these groups, but we cannot guarantee and immediate response to emergencies. Due to the high volume of chatter on the groups, they have become a less effective channel to report and/or request emergency response form RRVA/CSS.

RRVA members should please contact the RRVA/CSS Security direct with emergencies.

We rely on responsible conduct by members and that the community also help each other where possible – or escalate the emergency to the RRVA/CSS Emergency number / SAPS or other Medical Response services. 

The WhatsApp street groups are open groups, intended for all residents. The RRVA administration office (and in certain streets, RRVA Directors) will remain on these groups to assist and monitor where possible, and to utilise it as a general communication platform to disseminate important area news relevant to the entire community. 

These street groups are intended for:

  • General communication for residents.
  • Sharing suspicious behaviour. (RRVA members may also message the RRVA/CSS Security WhatsApp direct to report any activity)
  • Requesting assistance from neighbours.
  • The RRVA will post relevant area updates for all community members here.

The street groups are not for:

  • An emergency contact to RRVA/CSS armed response. RRVA members must please call the RRVA/CSS emergency number or RRVA/CSS Emergency WhatsApp direct to ensure we receive the call for assistance.
  • A channel to log municipal faults. The RRVA will gladly assist its members in reporting these, please notify us on, message us via Facebook, or log a fault via We will then take it further. The more residents that report a fault, the sooner it will be attended to.

Please note that CSS maintains a broadcast group for the area. To be added to this correspondence please email with your contact number(s) and home address for vetting.

Update your contact details here to continue receiving RRVA communications.

To report faults, please do so on:

For any further queries please email Please email us if you would like further info on joining the RRVA too. The monthly cost to join us is R330.00.  (R 220 for pensioners)

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