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There are hundreds of websites dedicated to the harm caused by cell phones and cell towers. The cell industry claims that there is no proof of harm, despite vast numbers of scientific studies that do show biological harm.

Join Clive Granville for a talk (45 minute presentation) at Randpark Primary School Hall on 30 January 2019 at 7 pm.

Are they another “Merchant of Doubt” along with the tobacco industry, anti-global warming corporates, and leaded fuel industry who were able to operate for many years before governments acted?

Cell companies intend to install many more tall towers to cope with the demand for data and there will be thousands of towers everywhere.

Local governments are giving building approvals without consideration of the impact to adjacent home-owners, and ignore public participation. They stress the need for cell coverage and are unsympathetic to anyone who is impacted by a tower next door. Is that constitutional? What do the courts say?

Clive Granville has personal experience of having a cell tower next door. He got a court interdict to have the tower powered down based on the harm to himself and his wife. He has studied the science of biological effects, and is asking the Court to order the tower removed because of a flawed approval process.

Clive is a semi-retired electrical engineer who has researched various problems in technical areas for the companies he worked for. He has a patent for a world-wide can curing machine. He has lived and worked in South Africa, the USA and New Zealand.

Clive will explain in plain terms what the truths are.

He will give a 45 minute presentation at Randpark Primary School Hall on 30 January 2019 at 7 pm. He is passionate about the need to be informed.

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