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IMPORTANT NOTICE (Johannesburg Roads Agency Project)

Dear RRVA members,

Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) proposes the rehabilitation and upgrade of the Seder Street Bridge in Randpark Ridge within the City of Johannesburg, Gauteng.

As a result of flooding caused by heavy rain, many of the city’s bridges have been severely damaged. This includes the Seder Street Bridge in Randpark Ridge. The proposed rehabilitation and upgrade of this bridge is the resultant emergency solution as it aims to address problems of mobility which will in turn address the issue of safety in terms of crossing the watercourse.

Invitation to comment and register

Notice of a basic assessment and water use license application for the proposed rehabilitation and upgrade of Seder street bridge in Randpark Ridge within the city of Johannesburg, Gauteng province

Invitation to register as an interested and affected party and comment on draft basic assessment report

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2 Replies to “Rehabilitation and upgrade of the Seder Street Bridge”

  1. Eleen says:

    Hi. How long will it take? Will the road be closed? What do they propose we do with domestics if the road does get closed. I also want to know about security. Builders always bring crime into the area. What measures and checks will be done on these workers to check their criminal records? Will there be a permanent manager on site? What measures will be put in place to ease traffic if they do.close the road?

    • Webmaster says:

      We do not know the extent of the project as yes, but will remain in contact with JRA and the appointed contractor. The RRVA will also ensure for additional security that that point when / if construction begins. This is a “INVITATION TO REGISTER AS AN INTERESTED AND AFFECTED PARTY AND COMMENT ON DRAFT BASIC ASSESSMENT REPORT” – the RRVA will register as the Resident’s Association representing the community.

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