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Dear RRVA members,

We would like to advise you of a membership price increase, from 1 July 2019.

Your membership RRVA monthly fee will increase from R300 to R330 per month. Our RRVA members who are pensioners will have an increase from R220 to R240 per month. Households who have paid for the year in advance, your increased will be levied on period renewal.

Times are tight, we realise this, and this increase is only happening because it is necessary. The RRVA has not had a price increase in several years. 

With our proactive new Board of Directors and Committee we are doing a lot more in our community, we have undertaken more upkeep and maintenance of the environmental/parks portfolio and urban infrastructure. Soon there will be a better administrative and Front Office support and we will also have our own little RRVA office (as we legally need to have).

Natural increases like inflation play a role in our service delivery, and our service delivery has increased substantially (and will continue to increase) over the past few years.

This increase also makes provisions for other security initiatives, and repairs/maintenance/new installations of our RRVA Area fences

We hope you understand our reasoning for the price increase. We have tried to keep it as low as possible for our loyal RRVA members. We truly value you and your contributions in our community.

Together, we build a thriving community! Our strength lies in a strong community buy-in for security and environmental services offered by the RRVA

If you have any comments or queries please do get in touch, we love to hear from our members. If you’d like to review some of the works done by the RRVA team, please review us on Facebook.

Kind regards,

Rod Rankine
RRVA Chairman

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  1. Rentia Button says:

    We are new to the area, purchased property in Lambert ave. Where can we get the security and community whatsap group details etc? Previous ownersbdid not join the community so they could bot give us info.

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