A big thank you!

Your donations have been an immense help in us being able to further secure and improve our area. Whether it was through subscribing as a member, or by donating directly to a project, you have contributed to making the RRVA stronger, and in turn have helped secure the values of our homes.

Donations made by individuals to the RRVA (SARS approved section 18A public benefit organisation) will result in you reducing your tax liability upon submission of your annual tax return. To confirm the status of the RRVA, you are welcome to visit the SARS website here.

The following is an example of the reduction in tax liability that you would receive upon making a donation to the RRVA:

Example A – no donation made

  • Taxable income – R400,000
  • Tax liability – R93,039

Example B – donation made

  • Taxable income – R400,000
  • Less donation – R3,960 (R330pm for 12 months – donation cannot be more than 10% of taxable income)
  • New taxable income – R396,040
  • Tax liability – R89,079

In this example you have a double benefit: 1. You have donated R3,960 to a charity that is making an impact on your family’s immediate community. 2. You have reduced your tax liability by R3,960. This will be paid out as a refund by SARS upon submission of your tax return, upon you producing a section 18A certificate (please note the payment of a refund will depend on each person’s overall tax situation, but the taxpayer will always receive a reduction in tax liability).

Donating to the RRVA has wonderful benefits, both in terms of the reduction in tax liability as well as your contribution to society. When donating to an approved public benefit organisation, it is important to request the section 18A certificate, as SARS will deny the donation deduction if this cannot be produced upon assessment. We issue these once a year in June, so if you have not yet received yours yet, please get in contact with us on info@rrva.net before you file your tax returns.
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