(Story via email from Myrtle)

This last week I have heard from 6 people about an incident I think we should all be aware of.

Two ladies come to the door. They say they are there from the municipality and have come to check on the geyser, light bulbs and swimming pools. They have NO identification and some have said that they are rather pushy.

Needless to say, neither the 4 home owners nor the 2 domestics who opened the door allowed them in. One of the ladies I spoke to said she saw a light blue car with 2 men inside waiting in the road about 2 houses down – her yard and neighbours yards are open.

The people I spoke to live in Linden, Robin Hills, Fontainbleau and Ferndale.

It may be nothing to worry about but it may be advisable to warn domestics NOT to let these people in. Rather safe than sorry.

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