Dear Residents,

Please see below the notice given to CSS with regards to the resolution taken by the Directors and Committee members on the current SLA which has been in place for 10 years, see the relevant sentences highlighted to this effect.

As you will see, The RRVA is not necessarily parting company with CSS – we are merely testing the market for the first time in ten years to see whether any other security service provider/s can match, or better, the current CSS offering.  This is part of good sound governance and something that many of our members have indicated we should have done long ago.

Once we have a short list, we WILL let our members vote before we change service provider.

This has always been the intention.

We hope that you will understand what is being done is in the interest of all residents of The RRVA area.

Resolution to give notice to CSS

The RRVA team

7 Replies to “Resolution given to CSS to give notice on current SLA”

  1. Nicky Lailvaux says:

    I would not be happy, having previously been with ADT and I fail to remember RRVA’s previous partner, CSS has far surpassed their dismal services.

    • Sav says:

      We have have always had excellent service from CSS for

      • I think the decision to give CSS notice was a huge error, we have only ever had excellent service from them. We were originally with ADT, who do not reward or consider loyalty, it is just about money. We then followed with Best Secure due to RRVA suggestions, who turned out to be dismal. Greg and his team stepped up for Best Secure on our behalf prior to us becoming members, needless to say we moved to CSS because of this and will remain with them no matter what.

        • Donne says:

          CSS asked us to attend a meeting and proposed some changes, as you will see as per the Resolution given to members is that the RRVA advised CSS that this was a decision that members needed to make and was not a decision that RRVA Directors could make alone.

          Yesterday, we were advised by an email that CSS sent that they will not be entering into any relationship with the RRVA. We have paid for their services currently until end of July for all our active members.

          The RRVA have sent out a tender document to 15 companies, which included CSS, they have decided not to tender. We await responses from these companies to advise further.

          Please keep in mind that the RRVA does not only provide extra security for the area which excludes your own Armed Response but also looks after many other projects in the area.

  2. Alec Fagri says:

    CSS is definitely the best security company that I have had the pleasure of dealing with in the past 30 years. If it’s not broken don’t fix it
    Alec Fagri

  3. C Moosmuller says:

    We also were always happy with the CSS service. Which companies were approached for handing in a tender and when can we expect any info ?
    We would prefer to stay with CSS depending on the fee structure from other companies.

    • Donne says:

      Good day, 15 Security Companies have been requested to tender. CSS was included therein and have decided to not tender for the services.

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